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Mediterranean Food Blog

RanasRecipe- a food blog, wanted to bring in organic traffic via a solid content strategy since it was relatively new and did not have consistent web traffic.




Service provided:

  • Content and Copy

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Content Marketing

  • Content Management

A brand new food blogging website; wanted a solid content strategy and social media marketing to bring in organic traffic and grow their subscriber base.

Ranas's recipes logo

What they wanted:

Quality content strategy that speaks to and celebrates Mediterranean food with reusable processes and systems.

  • Brand awareness and Organic traffic through content

  • Content management on Wordpress.

  • Social Media growth with proven strategies.

Here's what I did

As the content strategist for Ranas Recipe, my approach was to conduct a content audit of the website, research the target audience, and develop a content strategy that would address the issues with the website's user experience and engagement across social media.


​Then I did a content audit to see the quality of the existing content and researched their target audience based on client input, social media monitoring. I created a content strategy focussing on creating and distributing high quality and informative content that would help the target audience feel connected with their culture and heritage through food.

Here’s a few component of the content strategy:

  1. Content calendar for web content, social media posts

       Content calendar:


    2. Design templates for social media

    3. Social media strategy plan

    4. Content creation process from draft to publishing.

    5. Cold email template to generate backlinks

        Cold email template:

    6. Content Models and Content reuse plans

    7. Content Management and governance SOPs

The content was optimized for SEO and social media, and was designed to be easily shareable and engaging. I reached out to other blogs and websites to create external backlinks for the website.

Here’s what we achieved:

The content strategy was successful in improving engagement with the target audience and increased subscription for RanasRecipe.


Social media traffic increased and was one of the primary sources of web traffic.

Website traffic increased by 28%. The new recipes and personal stories were shared on social media and received positive feedback from the target audience.

Most importantly, the social channels generated 62% traffic to the blog and we were able to generate 440 backlinks for this brand new website.

Ranas recipes social media statistics
Ranas recipes social media statistics
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