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Copy and Content for a group of businesses

PriBusiness decided to create a newsletter that improved their customer engagement and build trust amidst their customers, and they haven’t looked back ever since.





Service provided:

Copy and content

PriBusiness group of companies wanted to create an effective newsletter copy to increase their customer engagement along with upselling their services.

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What they wanted:

  • Create positive customer engagement with content

  • Upsell their services to their existing customer base

Suzanna and Ron

"We are positive about the collaboration with Shalini. She takes good lead in the process and she clearly knows what she is talking about when it comes to newsletters. I liked that there are clear agreements about what will be delivered and when. We had weekly coordination and a clear schedule in which she took the lead. I can definitely recommend her!"

Suzanna and Ron


Here's What I did

After a quick brainstorming session, I was able to come up with a bunch of great newsletter topics to engage their customers. The newsletter topics were selected in such a way that it addressed their customer pain points and doubts. Doing this ensured, the open rates of the newsletter was high. We also included some great benefits that their existing customers can use by simply upgrading their subscription plan and it worked like a charm. The first newsletter had over 40% open rates in English and over 58% open rates in Dutch language.

PriOffice email template
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