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Struggling to convert with content? Here's all you need to know about BoFu keywords

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

“I’ve implemented all SEO strategies, so when do I start getting conversions?” Heard of these questions from founders, business leaders? Well, you are not alone!

Every business owner understands the importance of SEO and how it can drive customers to make decisions. There are several tools to identify keywords in the market.

So, finding the right keyword is not a challenge. However, finding keywords that bring conversion is a totally different ball game!

A woman working on her laptop searching for BoFu keywords

Table of content:

What is a marketing funnel?

Every consumer goes through a funnel before they decide to purchase a product or a service. This is a theoretical model of how a consumer travels down the funnel- right from the time they heard about the tool/ service till the moment they purchase from the business.

The funnel is split into three levels- Awareness, Consideration and finally Conversion. Most businesses focus on the awareness stage of the funnel or ToFu content. This is correct if you are trying to bring organic traffic to your blog.

However, if you are planning to bring revenue, it is important to include Conversion keywords or BoFu content in your strategy.

What is BoFu content?

BoFu keywords are specific, intent-driven search terms that indicate a high level of purchase intent.

The potential customer has already gone through the awareness (TOFu) and consideration (MOFu) stages and is now ready to make a purchase or take a specific action. BoFu keywords are usually more specific and directly related to the product or service being offered.

Leveraging these keywords effectively can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts.

The intent behind BoFu keywords is to target users who are close to making a final decision and are actively seeking information to make their choice.

“It’s tricky, though, and BoFu content needs to feel and look organic to work. To be effective, your content must be very well-targeted and exceptionally knowledgeable of your audiences’ sentiments and pain points.” says Kevin Miller, an SEO and a digital marketing expert.

Why do we need to incorporate BoFu Keywords in your content?

Incorporating BoFu content ensures that you are targeting the audience that are ready to make the purchase. BoFu content helps the consumer make the final decision to buy from you thereby increasing your revenue.

If you ignore the bottom of funnel keywords and do not create content for the same, you are ignoring revenue yielding consumers as they are already primed to purchase.

6 ways brands are using BoFu content for marketing and sales:

Most of these keywords are used in paid marketing such as ads or are used by review websites. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for business to rank for these keywords, if used in the right places.

Alternative pages:

Many consumers want to know the best alternative for a brand they previously loved or heard about. And this might be because of pricing issues, product limitations or low reviews. By creating content that targets alternative players in your line of work, there is a high possibility of appearing in your customer’s search results.

Here’s how Zapier does it with their “Best Notion alternative” blog. They list out a bunch of alternatives for Notion. This attracts all users who are looking out for notion alternatives.

Alternative page for BoFu content

Alternative page for BoFu content

Zapier then tells them how they can integrate with their product to create more seamless workflows with their alternatives. And it seems like a win-win situation!

Alternative page for BoFu content

Zeeshan Akhtar, the Head of Marketing at Mailmodo feels that BoFu content is not utilized properly but creating alternative pages work well because “bottom-of-the-funnel keywords in the acquisition are impactful in generating results quickly.”

Comparison pages:

Many business have also started creating comparison pages to help their prospects better. This does not take the traffic away from the business but rather helps them shine light on their own best features.

At Mailmodo, they have accomplished this by creating built 2-way and 3-way comparison pages to help prospects figure out if they are the right service for them. They highlight the best features of their product as well as their competitors. However, they also showcase the challenges a user might face if they choose their competitor. And I’m sure users know which one to pick based on the information available.

Comparison page for BoFu content

Hubspot does it smoothly with their “Hubspot vs. Salesforce CRM” comparison page. They showcase both the CRMs and its abilities but what steals the show is how Hubspot breaks down the content to show how their CRM is better. Another sure shot way of a consumer purchasing Hubspot’s CRM.

Comparison page for BoFu content

Product Page

In the conversion stage, the consumers are already prepped to purchase, they are now seeking additional details to make a decision. And that’s exactly what Bellroy does in their product page:

product page for BoFu content

By creating an interactive element on their page that showcases how slim their wallets are compared to other wallets in the market, they are providing a persuasive argument to choose their wallets. In addition to this, they have also added testimonials which acts as a social proof.

product page for BoFu content

Blog posts, Courses and Webinars

Can there be a better place to use the BoFu content than creating blog posts and webinars? With blogs, businesses can dive deeper into consumer pain points and show them how they can overcome it with their tools and services. CoSchedule does a great job by offering free indepth education courses by incorporating these conversion keywords in their content.

Free courses for BoFu content

Daniel Chabert, the CEO of a Web and software development agency feels that implementing BoFu keywords in your content must be natural and user-friendly. He says “prioritize readability and engagement for your audience, as quality content can resonate with readers and help you establish a competitive edge.”

Mention uses webinars to showcase different projects, while also showing how their software will help them. This is a great way to show the consumers how they benefit using their software.

Webinar for BoFu content

Case studies

Case studies highlights key features from a business past clients and will include a small brief about the client business, their challenges, the solution and finally the benefits. And Herman Miller did a really good job of it.

Case Study page for BoFu content

Their recent case study showcased how they helped Clemenceau Medical Center, Dubai, build better future proof furniture solutions. They showcase how they were able to design and build problem solving furniture.

Case Study page for BoFu content

This case study had a lot of social proof with pictures as well as testimonials from the client. This helps build trust amidst clients and is great way to secure new businesses.

Pricing pages

And finally the pricing page- a crucial aspects all customers review before making a purchase. So, it is vital to make the pricing page stand out. And Wistia has done an exceptional job.

Pricing page for BoFu content

With clear language and simple design, their pricing page stands out. They include all the features that are included in each subscription so that the user can pick the ones that work for them. They definitely speak their consumer’s language, so there is no guess work.

Pricing page for BoFu content

6 ways to find BoFu keywords to use in your content strategy.

Sales call/ listen to your customers

One of the best way to identify the right Bottom of the funnel keywords is by listening to your clients. Try to get in on sales calls and ask questions. This helps you understand the audience and what are they ideally searching for.

According to Maximillan Peter, Owner of Technical SEO asking the right questions such as:

“Which other products and services do potential customers compare us to?

What are the common frustrations expressed during these calls?

How do you determine if leads are ready to make a purchase?

What concerns or objections do they raise regarding our product?”

during the sales call will provide the right BoFu content that you can use.

This method guarantees highly relatable keywords that you cannot get with keyword research. This insight is valuable as you get it know it directly from your customers.

Keyword research tools

Popular tools like Semrush and Ahrefs makes it easy to find the intent behind any keyword. It is also possible to find other keyword variations along with keywork gap once you mention your competitor’s website.

Keyword research tool 'Semrush'

However, a few might be concerned about the prices. You can opt for Google keyword planner which is completely free or go for other less costing alternatives such as SE ranking or Wask.

Google search console.

Google search console offer excellent BoFu content. Go to your search console and scroll down to find the ‘Queries’ table. This will show you the questions that people use to find your website. You can also see more relevant data based on different countries, pages and devices.

Google search console query results

Find the query with high impressions and high clicks. Now, use the same query as your search query and find out the position of your website. If you are in the first place, there is nothing much that you need to do because you have optimized the content.

If you are not in the first place, check out how your competitors are doing by conducting a competitor analysis before you go back to optimize your website.

Tushar Thankur, the Co-Founder of TechRT finds BoFu keywords from his website analytics because “I see which pages are driving the most conversions and identify any patterns or trends in user behavior. This information can help me identify additional BoFu keywords that I may have overlooked in my initial research.

Google related searches

You can also find potential keywords by paying attention to search suggestions on popular search engines like Google or Bing.” suggest Sinoun Chea, CEO of a digital marketing and web design company

Google related searches provide insights into what users are actively looking for in the final stages of their buying journey. Scroll to the bottom of your search result page and you will find this treasure trove because Google provides these related searches based on user intent and behaviour.

BoFu content in search results

However, it is also important to identify the intent of these search terms. Search results that indicate comparison, reviews or product specifications are often conversion keywords.

You can also use the Google’s autofill feature during your search query. Using keyword analytics tools can help you understand more about the keywords such as search volume, related keywords etc.

Autofill google search results

Long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords have lesser competition. Not a lot of people actually use them as they have lesser search volumes. However, they have higher conversion capability because they are specific.

According to Serbay Arda Ayzit, an experienced entrepreneur, and a digital marketing professional “To identify BoFu keywords, take note of the language your target audience usually employs during the transactional phase, and consider investigating long-tail keywords that resonate with their pain points or specific needs.”

These long-tail keywords also help us anticipate the user’s needs and answers the user’s questions efficiently.

Mohit Maheshwari, the founder and director of NMG Digital uses long-tail keywords in their content strategy. They conduct extensive keyword research along with analyzing competitor websites before picking the right keywords.

And long-tailed keywords worked because “by incorporating long-tail keywords such as "movers in sarasota," "local movers in sarasota fl," and "mover bradenton," they were able to create highly targeted content that drove traffic.

Rise in traffic using long-tail BoFu keywords in blog

Action words

If you want to identify BoFu keywords, make sure you notice the language your target audience uses before making a purchase. A few commonly used action words are "buy," "order," "purchase," "get," "subscribe," "book," and "download.".

When users use these words, they are ready to take an action. You can also combine action words with your products or service to create a more defined and targetted BoFu keywords.

A few examples might be “buy Dell Laptop”, “download content strategy toolkit”. You can also use the BoFu keyword modifier cheat sheet created by Osmar, the former Head of Content Marketing at Content Harmony to make new action words based BoFu keywords.

BoFu keyword modifiers to use

Bottom of funnel content best practices that you must follow for great content.

  1. Make sure you messaging is clear and offer value by addressing the challenges of the users.

  2. Showcase your USP and highlights the benefits of choosing your solution.

  3. Make sure you are able to include social proofs, testimonials etc.

  4. Don’t beat around the bush with your CTAs. Use a clear action based CTA while urging users to sign up or request a demo.

  5. Don’t make your content boring with repetitive sentences that anyone can find the the internet. Use your personalized experiences to make your content stand out.

  6. Your content must be easy to navigate. Don’t forget to use bullet point and other relevant design elements to keep it interesting.

Using BoFu keywords to create content helps you talk to your clients directly.

Always remember, BoFu content bridges the gap between user’s curiosity and your commitment to serve them; either through your products or through your service. So, don’t be scared to use these keywords while creating content because you will definitely regret it if you don’t use them within your content strategy.

Need help creating the right content strategy that includes conversion keywords? Well, do yourself a favor and let’s me help you fix your content strategy. Book a free consultation call and let’s talk content.

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